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How to find the hat that fits?

Measuring your head accurately is pretty simple. Kindly follow these simple steps below;

Step 1:
Decide how you want to wear your hat, get a clothing measuring tape and use the CM side of your tape as all our hats come in CMs.

Step 2:
If you prefer a full fit, wrap your measuring tape around your head, starting from your occipital bone (The furthest part on the back of your head). Bring the tape around to the front of your head. About 5mm above your ears and position it at the center of your forehead, or just above the eyebrows (Depending on where you’d want your hat to sit). Make sure the tape is sitting comfortably too.

Step 3:
Check what size your measuring tape says. If in between sizes, we recommend sizing up. Also, for accuracy, you can get someone to help with the measurement. 
Important Fit Tips

The shape and style of a hat can affect the sizing and fit. We always recommend reading the size guide for any hat you want to purchase. This will help to ensure you’re able to select the perfect size for your head.
● Women who wear wigs, take your measurements whilst wearing your favorite wigs to ensure you get the hat that sits perfectly on all your wigs.
● For an extended period of time wear, we suggest a loose fit that will sit comfortably on your head.
● Bear in mind your hat fit is determined by your personal preference. You’re the only one who can decide how you want your hat to sit, fit, and how you want to wear it.
Care Guide

Care Instructions
● Spot clean with a damp cloth.
● Brush lightly with a lint brush or double-sided tape.
● For a falter brim, steam for 30 - 60 seconds.
● Use a lint roller or double-sided tape to remove any excess dirt.
● Clean wool styles with a wool brush. Some specialist dry cleaners may also be able to clean your hat for you.

Steaming Instructions
Please do not apply the actual iron to the hat - the steam will be enough to soften the hat so you can mold the brim flat.

Steam the underside of the brim, flip it, lightly steam the top of the brim and then lay it on a clean, flat surface.

Use your hands to push down on the brim and shape the hat to your desired shape. If you want to flatten the brim, press down on the brim and leave to dry on a flat surface.

All of our wool hats have a stiffening agent applied, to ensure that they maintain their shape. Steaming often reactivates this stiffening agent over time and can breathe new life into your hat.

Note: If you don't have a steamer, you can use the steam from an iron.

How to store your Anchiel hat?

We recommend storing your hat in our hat boxes. This will keep your hat clean and preserve its shape. Store on a flat surface, and only hang on wall with hat hooks as well as walls with oil paint.

Tips to note?

● Please avoid prolonged periods of sun exposure to your hat to avoid colour fade and brim damage.
● Please do not get your Anchiel hat wet. If it does get wet, we recommend towel drying immediately to remove any moisture or leaving it under the sun to dry